Thursday, October 8, 2009

Giant Gouramy

This fish is well known by most people in the region (South East Asia) not only as a tough figther but the meat is also known to be one of the best taste for freshwater fish. Unfortunately, the fish is a slow grow and take longer years to grow to its maximum size. The fish can grow to 10 kg in size even more in some cases, but common size is between 3-5 kg max.

The fish is omnivore but prefer insects such as cockroach, cricket, and hopper. So this fish is very potential for fly fishermen. The fish is strong and has sharp tiny teeth, so the use of light tippet could mean dissapointment for the fisherman. Also, the fish lives in still water where current is very weak or none existence.

Anyway, enough with all the introductory and go straight to business. The fish was caught using pellet like fly. The fly is made of orange close cell foam. When you fish using this fly, it is best to chum the water with real pellet and cast your fly right in the middle of it then you wait for the rise.


  1. Asyik juga tuh Om, kalo bisa strike gurami size besar, di Riam kanan banyak gurami liarnya, tapi kalo pake fly mesti sewa perahu kecil, jadi castnya dari tengah ke pinggir, soalnya kemarin waktu sama Pak Ricky dan P.Ariel cast dari pinggir ke tengah, susah, sering nyangkut dengan pepohonan dibelakang.

  2. Memang sih kesulitan fly adalah obstacle disekitarnya, tp ada beberapa teknik cast yang diciptakan untuk menjawab tantangan ini cm ya itu ... blm pada bisa tekniknya kali.
    Kalau wading di sungai riam kanan bisa ga?